TF 3D Series 

TF 3D CNC fiber laser robot cutting machine for 3D cutting

TF 3D CNC fiber laser cutting machine is electromechanical integration of laser cutting equipment, the equipment consists of a fiber laser, chiller, fiber cutting head, robot control systems, water gas system etc. the robot is fixed at the gantry machine,

The robot arm will guide the laser torch moving and cutting.

Main technical parameter

Working Area: 3M hemisphere or customized

Tracing accuracy and reposition accuracy: RP=0.06mm

Laser Power: 500-1000W

Cutting thickness: 3mm

Machine Noise: <75db

Working voltage: 3 phase 380V±5%/50Hz or customized


Main application

TF 3D CNC fiber laser cutting machine are widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry for auto parts, such as whole car body, door, trunk, roof and other aspects. It replaces the traditional processing methods, reduces mold investment, greatly shortens development cycle for vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers, improves processing efficiency and accuracy of cutting workpiece, reduces production costs. So it becomes a powerful tool to improve competitiveness for automotive manufacturers and component suppliers supporting.

Cutting sample

Cutting Demo