Future of CNC laser cutting machines


With the popularity of laser cutting machine market requirements and further improve cutting efficiency (high speed cutting), reduce the standby time (automatic loading and unloading systems), to expand the application surface, reducing operating costs. Foreign laser cutting technology trends are:
1. Large Format Large slabs
    Currently, there has been the international concept of "precision shipbuilding", the shipbuilding US, EU, Japan, South Korea and other areas around the house and the widespread adoption of high-power laser cutting technology.Currently foreign mainstream large-format laser cutting machine is generally taken Airborne laser structure, processing format of 3m × 25m, cutting thickness up to 40mm, in ships, vessels and other industries are more and more applications.
2. Intelligent
    Further the laser and computer numerical control technology, advanced optical systems and high-precision positioning and automation T piece combining the automatic nesting, cutting process database, remote diagnostics, remote control are integrated, laser cutting and other machining features combination of methods, such as laser punch made other multi-processing machines, more consistent and efficient processing factory complex needs, it combines versatility and other processed forms of high-speed laser cutting and efficient features, can simultaneously cutting, drilling, marking, scribing, forming.

3. speed
    On the running speed of the device, the current number of companies competing to develop high-speed precision cutting machine to replace mechanical presses, such as Bystronic Laser Co., Ltd. launchedBYSPEED models, cutting speeds up to 40m / min, acceleration 3g, can be cut 20 mm stainless steel, 12mm aluminum and copper of 6mm, with its power consumption is only 60kW, machine utilization up to 95% effective in the sheet processing efficiency and a considerable punch.

4. Multi-DOF
Laser cutting machines are widely applied to complex surfaces of workpieces, such as laser cutting robot, designed for pipe cutting 2.5D laser cutting machine, 3D optical fiber transmission laser cutting machines.
    Previous 3D laser cutting machine can cut automotive interior parts, metal stamping partscan not be processed. Prima industrial companies creatively capacitive sensors integrated into the three-dimensional laser cutting device, so that the machine can automatically adapt to the elastic deformation caused by stamping error, so that the three-dimensional laser cutting technology truly become a precision machined auto body flexible processing methods, widely used in automotive, aerospace industry, engineering machinery, mold, fitness equipment, sheet metal processing and other manufacturing fields.