TP60 Series 

Fast Speed
Heavy load
High accuracy
Tube cutting​

TP60 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine for tube cutting

It is an electromechanical integration of laser cutting equipment, the equipment consists of the fiber laser, chiller, fiber cutting head, Self-centering chunk, tube driver system control system, water and air system, which is capable of round, square, rectangle, oval, and other kinds of profiles cutting.


  • Capacity up to Max diameter 350 mm

  • Cutting Lengths up to6000mm (longer lengths by request)

  • Wall thickness from 0.6 - 20.0mm (Mild Steel)

  • Equipped with 1.0 kW (Standard) or 2.0 kW (Optional) Laser source

  • Heavy load and highly rigid machine body

  • Unloading System

  • Self-centering chuck, auto feeding.

  • Multi-Axis CNC Controls with Touch Screen Interface

  • CAD-CAM system for Tubes and Profiles with built-in Nesting

  • Automatic Compensation after measuring of material

  • Enclosed cutting area with big proofed watching windows for safety

  • Automatic Distance Control

  • Laser Cooling system

  • Auto lubrication system, simplify daily maintenance procedure

  • Auto dust collection system, slag discharge system

Main application

Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel and some other metal materials precise cutting, applicable for aerospace technology, rocket, plane, robot, elevator, steamship and automobile manufacturing and metal parts processing industry for metal plate, advertisement, kitchenware, bit tool, hardware etc.

Cutting sample

laser cutting machine sample19
laser cutting machine sample16
laser cutting machine sample17
laser cutting machine sample18
laser cutting machine sample7
laser cutting machine sample15

Cutting Demo