CNCXG series CNC pipe profile cutting machine

CNC pipe profile cutting machine is specially designed equipment for steel pipe 3-D automatic cutting. After input of basic data or leading proper format files, it is capable of automatically processing hole, beveling, grooving, multi-branch and shrimp sections.


Optional items:

5 jaws concentric chuck

Turning roll(cutting pipe diameter can be up to 2500)

Fastpipe/fastframe software

Electric jaw

Electric adjusting bracket

Photoelectric sensor


Technical Specification


Model                                                 CNCXG300       CNCXG600      CNCXG800      CNCXG1250     CNCXG1400   CNCXG1600

Cutting Pipe Diameter (mm)   Φ40-300           Φ60-630          Φ60-800         Φ100-1250      Φ200-1400       Φ200-1600

Pipe Length(mm)                         2000-12000     2000-12000    2000-12000    2000-12000     2000-12000    2000-12000

Cutting Speed (mm/min) Flame: 50-750     Plasma: 50-5800

Cutting Thickness(mm)    Flame: 5-60mm   Plasma:1-50mm

Plasma Max Beveling Angle     ±45°

Flame Max Beveling Angle      ±60° 


Basic Components    

Pipe Chuck:   3 jaws concentric chuck

Cutting Mode:     Flame and Plasma

Number Of Control Axis:  2-6

Driving Motor:     Panasonic/Yaskawa

Available Plasma Power:  Hypertherm, Kjellberg, Victor, ESAB

Other Data 

Operation Language  English or Chinese

Input Power Voltage  3×380V±10% 50Hz / according to user's local condition


Machine Features

Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting and beveling

Maximum cutting pipe diameter 1600mm

3D CuttingTouch screen panel, convenient and fast data inputting,

easy to use and learn

Saving cutting data anytime, able to create technical data base by user

Compatible with Steel Structure designing software, expanding of machine function



Main Application

CNC pipe profile cutting machines are widely used in steel structure, shipbuilding, bridge and steel tower building, petrochemical piping and pressure vessel industry.

Cutting Samples
plasma cutting machine sample6
plasma cutting machine sample5
plasma cutting machine sample4
plasma cutting machine sample1
plasma cutting machine sample2
plasma cutting machine sample9
plasma cutting machine sample8
plasma cutting machine sample7
Cutting Demo