CNCTG series CNC plasma and oxyfuel cutting machine


Economical and Practical

With combination of digital control, high precision mechanical driving and thermal cutting technique, it will be able to keep stable cutting quality with highest standard under the long-term and high-intensive working conditions.



Machine Features

Stable and reliable modularization cutting unit

Quick installation, no need foundation preparation, space saving

High accuracy mechanical driving

Good finish surface, almost no secondary treatment

Low use-cost, without special maintenance

Friendly operation panel, easy-to-use

Automatic programming, optimization nesting and piercing path, save steel efficiently G code and M code readable

DXF/DWG files programming and nestling

USB key data transmission


Technical Specification

Effective Cutting Width (mm): 1500 to 2500

Effective Cutting Length (mm):3000 to 6000

Flame Cutting Thickness(mm) :5-60mm

Plasma:1-60mm(according to plasma model)


Basic Components    

Cutting Mode            Plasma and Oxy-Fuel/Flame

Drive Mode            AC Servo motor, Dual-drive

Cutting Torch Number      Customization

Driving Motor             Panasonic/Yaskawa

CNC Controller           Hypertherm EDGE CONNECT TC; EDGE CONNECT; LKNC-3200

Available Plasma Power:  Hypertherm, Kjellberg, Victor, ESAB

Programming Software:   Fastcam, SmartNest, Hypertherm

Input Power Voltage  3×380V±10% 50HZ/according to user's local condition

Operation Language: Multilanguage


Main Application

CNC Plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines are widely used for the industry of metal fabrication, shipping building, automation, Aerospace Military, Heavy Equipment, Pressure Vessels, Rail Transportation, Bridge Construction, Hardware Machinery, Energy Industry Etc.

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