waterjet cutter CNC Shanghai Laike

CNCNG series CNC water jet cutting machine


Water jet cutting machine is an industrial tool capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water and abrasive. The highly pressurized water stream is forced through a tiny hole which carries abrasive garnet to erode away the material. It is able to cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum titanium, marble granite, ceramic, glass, rubber, foam and many other materials.


Advantages of Metal cutting by Waterjet:

Be able to cut thick metal

No material deformation caused by heat
No heat affected zones
No hazardous fumes or vapors
None or minimal need for reworking



Technical Specification

working Size                                         1500mm×3000mm(customized)

Suggested cutting thickness       0.5-150mm

Cutting Mode                                        Water&garnet sand or silicon carbide

Structure                                               Table type/Gantry type

Drive Model                                           Dual drive

Driving Motor                                       Servo motor

Rail import                                            Linear guide

Control system                                   Professional water jet PC controllers

Nesting Software                              WEIHONG N NCSTUDIO

Power Voltage                                     3X380V 50Hz

Operation Language                        Multilanguage

Super high pressure generator  KMT(USA brand)/ TAYOR

Optional 5 axis cutting head

Cutting Demo