CNCFG structural steel cutting machine


The new developed CNCFG series CNC structural steel cutting machine is a high-performance automation machine. With TAYOR's proprietary technology, the plasma torch makes 360 degree rotary motion around the structural steel. Which is able to realize structural steel fixed length cut-off cutting, various geometric shapes cutting as well as hole cutting.
This machine is suitable for structural steel batch processing and high-efficiency cutting.



 Workpiece type
1 Unequal angle steel
2 Channel beam
3 Square tube
4 Cold bend Equal channel steel
5 Flat-Bulb Steel



Technical Specification

Cutting Mode               Plasma Cutting

Length of                  10 Meter or Customized

Work Piece Specification   On request

Max moving Speed         12m/min

Axis Control              CNC multi-axis controlled



High Efficiency And Saving Labor Cost

Structural Steel Cutting Machine With Auto-loading & Unloading System is specially designed for the customer, with TAYOR patent, which highly improves cutting efficiency and save much labor cost. Plasma head is fitted in the enclosure, Auto-loading System will forward the material to plasma head for cutting, after finishing cutting, Auto-unloading System will deliver the working piece to the specific pallet.


Cutting Demo